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Braun Electric Razor for Men Series 790cc: Personal reviews

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I don't like reviews given the same day people receive the product or answers to questions with "I don't know." Oh well, here I go doing the same day review. I have only used this electric razor 3 times and have been trying to figure out the cleaning/charge station since they provide virtually no real information on it.

Before that however know this, I have used Panasonic for 10 years and finally got fed up with their shaver electric head shaver and blade game. The heads now come from the factory dull on arrival and for only from $60 to $75.

I never liked foil electric shavers but I think I will like this one if it continues to give the close shaves and delivers a most comfortable experience.

I have an average long beard, always clean-shaven and my face and neck are sensitive. This unit is very comfortable for me.

I hate the owner manual as it is an attempt to be entirely in picture form. Most are understandable but a considerable amount of it required, at least for me, to solve the puzzle as to exactly what does this or that picture means.

I should rate the unit down at least one star or more for that, but I will wait and make a follow-up adjustment in the rating depending on how the unit performs over the next few months.

Now for the real reasons I'm reviewing this version.

The 53B foil and blade replacement shaver head fit both the Series 5 new generation shaver and Series 6. FYI, the "B" means black. I have found this head available from many places. It has been available on the market.

How many charging stations are needed?

The cleaning and charge station is in fact a charging station too. Its operation is not really explained in either the shaver manual or the cleaning station manual for the Series 6. It is easy enough to figure out how to load the station with the cleaning solution cartridge and place the shaver in the station with the pictures. What is missing is how is the station works.

Once the station is loaded with the solution cartridge and shaver and you turn it on you should leave it on. The station will show a blinking blue light while it is working and it will cycle on and off during the cleaning/charging cycle. Mine cycled seven times.

Each time after the initial cycle the unit would turn itself off and let the solution run back down into the cartridge and the blue light continues to blink.

Next, you hear a buzzing sound, if you have good hearing aids like mine, as the next cycle begins. That sound is only for a few seconds then the motor starts and runs a while and stops again.

After it finally quits cycling the blue light stays on until the charge is finished and it turns itself off. The next day, if all worked right, the shaver is dry, lubricated, and fully charged ready for duty.

After all, Braun series 7 is one of the best electric shaver for sensitive skin I ever use.

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